The Turkish Parliament ratified Finland's NATO membership unanimously by a vote of 276 to 0 on Thursday shortly before midnight, which means that Finland's membership has been ratified by all NATO member states.

Henri Vanhanen, a researcher at the Institute for Foreign Policy, estimates on MTV's Good Morning in Finland that Finland will enter into a slightly more open conflict with Russia as a result of NATO membership, in which Finland will have its share of Russia's anti-NATO rhetoric.

–Russia clearly sees NATO as part of the enemy image, and of course when we are NATO members in the future, Finland will also be part of this enemy image, and we will certainly get our share of Russia's rhetoric, regardless of how we act.

Vanhanen thinks it's worth preparing for a turnaround, but he wouldn't be terribly scared about it.

"What they say is, of course, one thing, and another what they do. If they move their troops, that's it. They are allowed to do whatever they want within their own borders," says Vanhanen.

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